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New bonus in the seller's market! DHgate creates new history!

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With the continuous advancement of global information technology, the digitization of B2B export business has become a trend. Enterprises use the Internet and e-commerce platforms to seek trading partners around the world, find more sales opportunities and more cost-effective supply chains, and conduct online procurement, sales and transactions.
According to a report released by the Ministry of Commerce, the import and export volume of cross-border e-commerce (including B2B) in 2022 will be 2.11 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.8%. Among them, the export was 1.55 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.7%, which fully demonstrates the huge potential for business development of cross-border e-commerce in the digital age.
Therefore, in the face of broad business, cross-border e-commerce platforms need to continuously upgrade and optimize their technologies and services to meet the growing needs of users. In order to improve user experience, enhance platform security and improve sales efficiency, cross-border e-commerce platforms need to continuously carry out technological innovation and service upgrades.

In this process, whether it is B2C or B2B, or linking from B2B to B2C, algorithm upgrading has become a very important part of cross-border e-commerce platforms. But at the same time, what needs to be paid attention to is that with the development process and specific performance of the algorithm upgrade in the industry, the consumption behavior of the same overseas consumers has also quietly changed, and with the decline of traditional platform traffic in the post-epidemic era, the industry trend of social media traffic precipitation; Consumer behavior continues to go online, or more directly, the "social mediaization" of e-commerce including video and live broadcast functions.
According to the official data disclosed by Google, even in the 2021 shopping season, this trend is already very obvious. In that year, 54% of consumers completed shopping through "content e-commerce" or social e-commerce within two days.
When the cross-border business traffic situation is generally in the post-epidemic and end-of-4G era, it is an indisputable fact that social media traffic continues to be flat. According to eMarketer data, the growth rate of Internet traffic in the United States will enter -1.8% in 2023. It can be seen that it is not the retreat of platform traffic, but the weakness of social media traffic has become one of the important challenges that sellers generally need to deal with in the era of cross-border "brand going overseas". In the context of this challenge, the first thing to achieve in cross-border "branding overseas" is still how to achieve better and continuous conversion of social media traffic, because traffic is a business opportunity.
The key entry point and main logical link of the solution to its "brand going overseas" lies in the "four-step method" of traffic conversion - brand traffic, traffic social media, social media content e-commerce, KOL final endowment The ultimate conversion of content traffic.
A case of this "four-step method" casting, that is,'s latest strategic setting of "Internet celebrity economy" starts with the launch of the "Ningyun Project" starting from the one-stop global marketing support service for the sea-at the same time, the focus will be given to KOL content e-commerce and the "localization" traffic upgrade methodology have brought new logic and new strategies. complies with and participates in this "content e-commerce" trend or new game. KOL content recommendation, or brand traffic conversion driven by social content, is gradually replacing the advertising business of traditional platforms. In other words, sellers need to rethink the value of brand and traditional advertising, and the relationship between brand, traffic and social media KOL also needs a new positioning.
According to the official data disclosed by Google, as many as 87% of consumers said that the shopping experience recommended by KOL content on the YouTube platform has a more decisive decision-making power than traditional e-commerce platforms, and another 89% of consumers loyally trust KOL. Content recommended products.

Therefore, DHgate uses traffic conversion and KOL content recommendation to create a new path of brand value, "from shallow to deep" to demonstrate the strategy of Internet celebrity economy:
Sample test - the most basic overseas online celebrity marketing method (accounting for 70% of the five online celebrity marketing methods on
After Internet celebrities find products that are highly relevant to their fan portraits, they will apply for samples. When Internet celebrities receive samples, they will create their own delivery videos, including unboxing videos, including introductions to product highlights, user experience, cost-effectiveness, etc.
This is why DHgate understands the essence of this brand-new revolutionary game driven by online video-driven social "content e-commerce", that is, everything is a game driven by the recommendation of KOL creators, and brands need to understand how they convert into traffic With a forward-looking vision, KOL actively shapes to promote the realization of traffic. Here, Dunhuang’s Internet celebrity economic marketing methods also include content forwarding, Internet celebrity pits, binding cooperation, and content cooperation.
In addition, the production of KOL content is first of all closely related to the cultural life of consumers. It is necessary to create truly localized content in order to have flesh and blood and impress localized content consumers. Displays and expressions that do not conform to localization will cause consumers to be angry. Feeling apart.
However, in the face of surging social traffic, sellers often do not know how to start the layout, let alone the lack of a lot of labor time and refined monitoring costs required for the "localization" transformation of KOL social traffic. Especially for the cross-border seagoing of traditional industrial and trade enterprises and foundries, higher requirements are put forward in terms of refined operation and talent reserve.
In 2023, integrated here and launched a blockbuster project - "Xingyun Project" to help sellers eliminate the difficult issue of balancing risks and opportunities. Its goal is to gather 1,000 high-quality merchants and connect with 1 million high-quality celebrities. A transaction volume of US$10 billion will be reached within 3 years. The Nebula plan will recruit high-quality sellers with operational or sales capabilities, including top brand owners or brand agents, private label sellers, high-quality sellers in the industry on friend business platforms, factories, industry-trade integrated enterprises, and large traders. It should be noted that this project aims to provide global support for high-quality merchants to help merchants enter overseas markets efficiently and quickly. We will do our best to help enterprises build overseas business.
Sellers who go overseas through's "Xingyun Project" will receive support from the platform in terms of services, traffic and policies. From the provision of low commissions, to the support of hundreds of millions of traffic resources outside the site and the inclination of search and push traffic on the site, to the great exposure of event promotion resources, and finally to the provision of super-valuable and free product selection marketing tools.
01Low commission and fast withdrawal
The high-quality merchants selected into the Nebula plan can realize fast payment (withdrawal T+1) and multiple subsidies (billion-dollar Coupon budget subsidy post) with extremely low commissions when operating the platform. For example, the seller's order value is less than 1000 US dollars, then the commission rate is 3%/5%; the seller's order value is more than 1000 US dollars, and the commission rate is 0.5%. It should be noted that the commission rate of different categories will also be different.
02 Internet celebrities bring goods resources
The platform will open up a large number of Internet celebrity resources, and provide 1V1 Internet celebrity resource docking for the top merchants of the "Ningyun Project". synergy.
03Overseas and local offline exhibition halls
In order to continuously expose and tap traffic, the overseas localization process of has also landed locally offline. As early as February this year, completed its first offline store, DH Showroom, in Los Angeles, USA, and the products in the "Ningyun Project" will have the opportunity to be displayed here first. The display of products in the DH Showroom will allow local Internet celebrities, buyers, distributors, etc. to experience Chinese high-quality products more personally, thereby increasing the conversion rate of order products.
04 Scheduled investment of tens of billions of traffic outside the station
In order to help sellers obtain exclusive traffic and maximize the effect of off-site drainage, will create exclusive and independent product pools for "Ningyun Project" products on mainstream platforms such as Facebook, and invest more than 40% of the budget for independent placement. At the same time, the platform will also reserve space on leading social media such as TikTok to display exclusive products of the "Nebula Project".
05 Intra-site traffic marketing
The platform will provide exclusive channels for Nebulas merchants on the site, and there will also be exclusive Icon slots on the homepage of the mall. In addition, there will be a ranking list of high-quality merchants on the homepage of the mall, so as to help merchants obtain accurate traffic to a greater extent on the site, so as to improve brand exposure and product conversion rate.
06Online Marketing Resources
Type B buyer managers will serve sellers online, and conduct targeted recommendations, inquiries, and orders. The platform will push products to tens of millions of traffic pools through EDM and Push. The platform also plans the "Ningyun Merchant Day" special zone display and homepage Banner-themed activities for sellers, and the series of activities of are all aimed at stimulating the conversion of online user traffic.
07 Exclusive cultivation resources
The Nebula Project will provide merchants with exclusive training teams, such as a full-link data think tank team, a professional category manager team, a senior operation consultant team, and an ecological service guarantee team. For the support of the whole link, the platform will focus on 1V1 support. For new stores, will cooperate with business development consultants to carry out marketing and promotion in multiple channels, and support the new stores to issue 0-1 orders throughout the process.
Through DHgate, Chinese merchants can easily export their products to the global market and expand their international business scale. At the same time, also provides convenient purchasing channels for overseas buyers, allowing them to conveniently purchase high-quality and preferential products from China. has become an important bridge and platform for Chinese enterprises to go to the world, and has made positive contributions to promoting the development of global trade.
The cooperation between DHgate and sellers will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the development of the cross-border e-commerce industry. Through the large-scale traffic resources and professional marketing support provided by the DHgate platform, sellers can enter overseas markets more quickly, open up new business channels, and realize international operations. In addition, the service and support of DHgate can help sellers overcome various challenges in the cross-border e-commerce industry, such as logistics distribution, customs clearance, payment settlement and other issues. These services and supports can help sellers reduce costs, improve efficiency, and further enhance their international competitiveness.
For sellers who need to go overseas, they can not only enjoy strong support from, but also obtain large-scale acquisition of overseas traffic resources, brand-new marketing methods, star rights and services, and enhance their brand awareness and market share. Rate.
At the same time, merchants can also obtain professional services and support from DHgate, realize global development and expand greater business opportunities, and provide a strong guarantee for their development in overseas markets, which not only enhances the brand influence and user experience of the platform, but also Ability to increase platform revenue and market share.
The mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation model between and sellers makes the cooperation between platforms and merchants closer and closer, which will promote more platforms in the industry to strengthen cooperation with merchants and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry. The development will become an important development trend of the cross-border e-commerce industry in the future, and will also become a model of cooperation between platforms and sellers.

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