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Dhgate fully recruits cross-border logistics service providers to settle in. From September, merchants can only deliver goods through certified routes

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Recently, announced that it will vigorously improve the quality of logistics services on the platform, assist merchants in identifying and screening service providers, and make logistics data including logistics trajectory and logistics order disputes more accurate, real, and clear, so as to better control Logistics services, enhance the competitiveness of merchants, and at the same time allow buyers to obtain a better consumption experience.

To this end, the platform openly invites all logistics providers who have served or intend to serve DHgate platform merchants to directly connect with the DHgate logistics system. makes it clear that this docking is only for data docking of logistics orders and logistics trajectories, and does not involve the existing settlement and service processes between merchants and corresponding logistics service providers, and does not charge any commission or service fee. Starting from September 1, 2023, DHgate merchants can only choose to ship to logistics providers that have already registered.

敦煌网全面招募跨境物流服务商入驻 9月起商家仅可通过认证线路发货
Click here to enter the logistics provider certification entrance.
Zhang Xufeng, director of DHgate platform logistics, said: "We are committed to building a logistics ecosystem where merchants can choose to cooperate with logistics providers and logistics services without worry, so as to ensure that buyers can enjoy matching benefits in accordance with the timeliness and quality agreed with merchants. Logistics Services."
Since DHgate Group also owns DHLink, an intelligent cross-border logistics platform, DHLink, in order to avoid misunderstanding, the announcement of DHgate clearly pointed out that the logistics service provider invited to settle in this time is to connect with the logistics system of DHgate and become a certified logistics provider of DHgate. Service provider/line, not access to DHLink. At the same time, the certification does not charge any commission or service fee for merchants and logistics service providers. Merchants only need to forward the application link to their cooperating logistics service providers (except for the official services of the four major express delivery companies DHL, UPS, FEDEX, and TNT), and the daily logistics services and freight settlement procedures will remain unchanged. In order to encourage logistics providers to settle in as soon as possible, will also provide platform traffic resources such as special promotion venues for logistics service providers that have already connected.
In response to this open recruitment, DHgate has repeatedly emphasized the fairness of platform logistics, will respect merchants’ choice of logistics providers, will not take the initiative to obtain data other than logistics trajectories, and will not interfere with any personalization between merchants and their own logistics service providers Billing method. However, cross-border e-commerce transaction links are long, and the uncertainty of logistics has become one of the bottlenecks that restrict the development and growth of many businesses. In a questionnaire survey for cross-border sellers, more than half of the merchants lack a complete understanding of the price and service quality of the cross-border logistics industry, and only use the introduction of friends in the same industry, or directly look at the delivery point of the logistics provider near the company to determine the logistics service The choice is very limited. Another outstanding problem is that merchants lack the ability to control logistics providers. If there is a problem with contract performance, there is no effective way to pursue responsibility or remedy. The recent escalation of the USPS "unknown account" incident is the concentrated outbreak of this problem. Many merchants have been inspected by the USPS because of the "unknown account" order and have been carded, resulting in the package being unable to be delivered and ultimately suffering great losses. It also affects platforms and buyers to varying degrees.
For this reason, stated that it will open all the information of logistics service providers who have entered the certification to the merchants on the platform. Merchants can check the routes, prices and company strengths promised by the logistics providers at any time, helping merchants make better choices in a wider range, so as to further Improve the overall logistics experience of the platform.

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