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TikTok may suspend TikTok Now function, DHgate will upgrade overseas warehouse merchants’ T+1 cash withdrawal rights

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TikTok or pause TikTok Now feature
TikTok is shutting down its BeReal clone, TikTok Now, according to a notice sent to users.
Multiple Twitter users posted screenshots of the message in different languages, which said ByteDance was "updating the TikTok experience and stopping using TikTok immediately." The news of TikTok Now's end comes more than nine months after it was officially announced, though it's unclear when the feature will disappear for good.
Launched last September, TikTok Now has the stated goal of facilitating "authentic and spontaneous connections on TikTok." But it's hard to ignore the fact that its format (which requires users to capture a moment a day using the phone's front and rear cameras) is almost identical to BeReal's smash hit last year.
What makes TikTok different is that, in addition to still photos, TikTok Now also supports videos up to 10 seconds long. In the U.S., TikTok Now is already available in the main TikTok app, while ByteDance has also launched dedicated TikTok Now apps in other parts of the world. Social media consultant Matt Navarra (Matt Navarra) confirmed to The Verge that he saw the notification announcing the discontinuation of TikTok Now in the main TikTok app on iOS.
2023 Prime Day Australia's best-selling categories forecast: Sports and outdoors, toys, home furnishing, and beauty cosmetics may usher in high growth
According to the latest research data from Pattern, 43% of Australian consumers expect to shop during Amazon Prime Day this year, of which 84% expect to spend the same amount or more than usual, and only 16% plan to spend less expenditure.
The shopping categories Australian consumers say they are most likely to buy during Prime Day include:
· Home and kitchen products (58%)
· Electronic and computer equipment (57%)
· Books or e-books (55%)
· Sports, fitness and outdoor products (47%)
·Toys and baby products (44%)
Luggage and travel gear (44%)
· Skin care and cosmetics (37%) will upgrade the T+1 cash withdrawal rights of overseas warehouse merchants
A few days ago, announced that starting from July 1, will upgrade the original overseas warehouse T+1 withdrawal rights, and the subsequent T+1 withdrawal rights will be one of the rights and interests of overseas warehouses that meet the standards on X days . In order to avoid affecting the cash withdrawal time of overseas warehouse merchants, overseas warehouse merchants need to check whether the shipping rate template line is the X-day delivery line, and if not, they need to change and adjust the shipping rate template.
It is reported that the marking conditions for X-day delivery of overseas warehouses include: store orders > 10 orders in the past 60 days, and 100% delivery during the stocking period, and 100% online rate within three days, and X-day delivery routes are associated with products, and the products are normally on the shelves status, or the order quantity of the specified product has been delivered in the past 60 days ≥ 5 orders, and the proportion of the order quantity of the product delivered in the past 60 days within 7 days (working days) is ≥ 80 (from confirm to delivery).

More than 7,000 U.S. flights delayed or canceled due to storm
A few days ago, the East Coast and Midwest of the United States have been hit by storms in recent days, causing more than 7,000 flights to be delayed or cancelled. United Airlines has blamed the Federal Aviation Administration's lack of staffing and air traffic management capabilities for delays and cancellations affecting more than 150,000 passengers over the weekend. In this regard, the FAA replied that it is ready to cooperate with anyone who is willing to solve the problem at any time.
AliExpress adjusts its logistics and delivery policy, which will be implemented one after another from now on
AliExpress recently announced that it will optimize the delivery logistics policy: in the transaction order shipped from China, when an order contains multiple products (a main order contains multiple sub-orders), the merchant will target multiple products (multiple sub-orders) ) When consolidating parcels for delivery, it is necessary to select a line of the corresponding level for delivery according to the total amount of the parcels.
This adjustment will be implemented successively from June 28, 2023. Merchants are requested to make relevant adjustments to the delivery process in advance. It should be noted that merchants can check the logistics level corresponding to the delivery route from China in the merchant background "Logistics - AliExpress Logistics Introduction - All Platform Support Lines".
eBay US station reminds sellers to pay attention to the new USPS rate adjustment
The eBay US site recently issued an announcement to remind sellers that the new rates of the United States Postal Service (USPS) will take effect on July 9, 2023. While USPS rates have increased, the exact charges depend on the weight of the package and where it is being delivered.
Summary of new USPS rate changes: Media Mail increased by an average of 7.5%; rates for Ground packages under 20 pounds varied, depending on weight and location; Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and First-Class Package were unchanged. Sellers also need to be aware that rates for the following USPS services will also change: Domestic Shipping Insurance, which increases by an average of 4.7%; Signature Confirmation, which increases by $0.15 to $3.40.

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