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DHgate Platform Logistics Invitation Announcement

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Dear DHgate merchants:
Recently, the USPS USPS "running account" incident has continued to escalate. The order of the "running account" was checked by the USPS and the order was blocked, resulting in the package being unable to be delivered, which brought different degrees of impact on the platform/merchants/buyers. damage.
In view of this incident, from now until June 30, 2023, the platform will officially invite the full-scale logistics service providers currently used by DHgate merchants to connect with the DHgate platform logistics system and become DHgate's official certified routes (not DHLink routes). The docking platform for logistics service providers is only for data docking of logistics trajectories, and the existing orders, settlements and service guarantees between merchants and logistics service providers will not change. All sellers must communicate with and inform the logistics service provider you use before June 30, 2023. From September 1, 2023, merchants can only choose the logistics line that the platform has connected to deliver (DHgate official certification line or DHLink line).
This content can be forwarded directly to the logistics service provider you are working with.
The logistics service provider access process is as follows:
a. The merchant communicates with the offline logistics service provider and invites the logistics service provider to connect with the DHgate logistics system. Search: Dunhuang official website
b. Logistics service providers need to submit relevant materials when applying, as follows:
  Company Name
  Company Profile
Company official website link
Line introduction and quotation
  Contact information
  email address
  business license
  company website
The TMS system used
DHgate's historical order number and associated waybill number
Merchant invitation code (the invitation code is the name of the DHGATE merchant store)
c. After the platform is approved, it will provide an API interface and connect with logistics service providers
d. The platform configures the route of the logistics service provider to the backfill page of the logistics order number
e. The merchant chooses the logistics service provider line to place an order and fill in the order number. For the operation manual, refer to the operation manual for placing an order and filling in the order number with the official certified logistics line of DHgate.
Remarks: Merchants who complete the docking of logistics service providers first, and use the docking line to ship online will get platform traffic and marketing resources
  common problem:
1. Why should the platform access logistics service providers?
Answer: Merchants and logistics service providers have insufficient bargaining power and lack of control means. After being controlled by the platform, it can not only formulate unified logistics service standards, but also help merchants find more cost-effective logistics services. In terms of guarantee, the platform can also be used to realize logistics worry-free and labor-saving
2. After the logistics service provider is connected to the platform, can the merchant still communicate with the logistics service provider offline about ordering and price issues?
Answer: Yes, there is currently no change in the ordering and settlement between merchants and logistics service providers. The platform will require logistics service providers to provide logistics trajectories, so as to improve the timeliness and accuracy of logistics trajectories.
3. Why can I only use the logistics service providers connected to the platform for delivery in the future?
Answer: Logistics control actually lies with logistics service providers. The platform will formulate unified standards to require logistics service providers. The follow-up platform’s logistics requirements for merchants will be gradually transferred to logistics service providers to reduce merchant costs.
4. At present, I have cooperated with DHlink logistics service providers, but I have not placed orders and paid through DHLink. Do I need to add new lines?
Answer: Yes, the DHlink line must be placed online through the DHlink system. If you are shipping offline, you must add a new line to place an order and fill in the order number yourself.

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