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The golden key to open the market, these products of DHgate are indispensable!

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With the rapid replacement and best-selling of smart phones, another industry associated with it - the mobile phone accessories industry has also grown rapidly. The so-called mobile phone accessories are commonly referred to as secondary mobile phone products. Especially when smartphones are popular nowadays, cross-border consumers have a huge demand for new mobile power supplies, data cables, earphones and other smart phone equipment.
This article focuses on analyzing the current status of mobile phones and accessories in the cross-border e-commerce industry, as well as the new focus in the future.
1. Current status of mobile phones and accessories
The mobile phone and accessories industry mainly covers four secondary categories, namely: accessories for mobile phones, complete mobile phones, smart wearables, and built-in mobile phones; mobile phone accessories account for the largest proportion.
Among them, the key product lines of category B are: mobile phone case / mobile phone screen protective film / mobile phone charger / mobile phone wire + mobile phone screen + smart wearable accessories.
Key product lines based on category C: earphones + earphone accessories (real earphones) + smart wearables + refurbished mobile phones + mobile phones;
Buyer type: Type B buyers place more orders, accounting for more than 60%;
Main market: In overseas markets, the United States accounts for the largest sales volume, accounting for more than 60% of the total, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Australia, and France.
2. Analysis of mobile phone industry
Overseas market data
Canalys data shows that in the second quarter of 2022, the North American smartphone market shipped 35.4 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 6.4%.
Apple led North America with a 3% growth rate for the third consecutive quarter, driven by strong demand for the iPhone 13 and strong quarterly performance of the entry-level iPhone SE (3rd generation).
Samsung's S-series and low-end A-series devices continued to sell well, with shipments up 4%. Lenovo (Motorola), TCL and Google rounded out the top 5 with 9%, 5% and 2% market shares respectively.
① Main markets: USA, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Canada, Poland, UK.
② User groups: mainly 2C
③ Main traffic channels: Aff+SEO+Direct, the alliance accounts for the largest proportion, and the whole mobile phone is suitable for omni-channel promotion (note: mobile phone products account for a large proportion in the European market, pay attention to the promotion of alliances and Internet celebrity channels)
④ Demand for new products:
Branded products: Xiaomi / Huawei / OPPO / VIVO / 1+ / lenovo and other domestic brands; own brand / neutral / refurbished machine;
⑤ Industry guidelines: At present, access rules for mobile phones and refurbished phones have been relaxed, and sellers with relevant resources can focus on new ones.
⑥ Marketing activities:
On-site: Basically, you can participate in the promotion nodes throughout the year; at the same time, you can participate in the industry's category day, brand day and other promotional activities.
Off-site: launch of new products, celebrity promotion, off-site advertisements - pay attention to the data of products entering the pool, and add product promotion pictures.
Analysis of Class B buyers in the foreign trade industry:
① Type B buyers focus on the strength of the seller, customer feedback after purchase, as well as the seller's service attitude and delivery efficiency.
② After summarizing the needs of buyers, there are the following points:
Quick customization and closing, product differentiation competition, trending new products, replacement of big brands, multi-product assembly and delivery, after-sales quality assurance service, and rapid contract fulfillment.
*Core points: customization, assembly, fulfillment (delivery within 72 hours), relevant certification
③ Target buyers: offline distributors/regional agents/independent brand owners, offline store sellers independent stations/platform sellers/social e-commerce.
3. New guidelines for product selection in 2023
No.1 mobile phone accessories
phone case
Tempered film
data line
No.2 Headphones + wearable + accessories
Focus on sound quality, noise cancellation, comfort, tweaking/modifying audio, and more
Watches (regular watches and smart watches)
Ordinary watches: waterproof, battery life, low price, step count monitoring
Smart watch: touch control, battery life, sports mode, health detection, call reminder
Related accessories: earphone case, watch screen case, strap
4. Game accessories
Analysis of the current situation: The main categories covered in the cross-border e-commerce industry: game consoles, game controllers, VR, game accessories, with the largest proportion being handhelds, game consoles, and game controllers.
Buyer type: more than 80% are B-type buyers
Main markets: the largest proportion of buyers is the United States, reaching more than 60% of the data, followed by Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom.
Main delivery channels: CPS Alliance & PPC Google Ads & Social Media.
Best sellers:
Game Handheld--Hot Selling Customer Unit Price $6-$9
Game Console--Price $12 for Hot Sellers
Gamepad--Price of $16-$20 for hot sellers
The plan focuses on cultivating product lines:
VR series products: under $30 (VR glasses, handles and other accessories)
The above is the industry trend analysis and new recommendations of mobile phone accessories and game accessories. Judging from the current foreign trade export situation, smart electronics still have great potential in the cross-border e-commerce industry. Existing sellers seize the opportunity to supplement in time. At the same time, new sellers who intend to settle in are welcome to join the cross-border e-commerce industry.

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