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The cross-border through train will take you to reveal the general situation of the computer network market!

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With the continuous advancement of globalization, the trend of commodity transactions crossing national borders has become more significant. Under the influence of the new crown epidemic in recent years, the cross-border e-commerce industry has gradually become a new form of foreign trade at an explosive growth rate, which has greatly promoted our foreign trade economy. With the rapid growth of China, a large number of e-commerce practitioners have begun to devote themselves to the cross-border e-commerce industry. Among them, computer networks are one of the hot topics in cross-border e-commerce platforms.
1. Market overview
At present, the country with the most orders in DHgate's computer industry is the United States, accounting for more than 60%, followed by the United Kingdom and Canada. There are many small and medium-sized B-type buyers, and in Europe, we focus on the promotion of brands and C-type buyers. Among them, Germany and France recorded excellent growth rates.
(1) In Germany, the sales of Tablet PC, USB Gadgets, and Printer Supplies (printer accessories) rose significantly
(2) France: mainly USB Hubs, Computer Cables & Connectors, and Mice rose significantly
Drivers and storage orders account for almost 50% of the total. The current sales volume is the first, followed by tablet computers and accessories, and computer components. These two secondary categories have growth potential. Sales volume increased significantly.
In 2022, the overall GMV will rise, and there will be a slight decline in Q2 and Q3, but it will rise significantly in Q4, indicating that computers are still a transaction category favored by most buyers
2. New trends in computer networks
Education, Children, Gifts, Value for money
Thermal/3D printing, laser engraving
storage class
CD, memory card, U disk
Versatile and Portable
Wireless, cost-effective
mini keyboard
E-sports and RGB keyboard trends are on the rise
USB Gadgets
Small accessories: heat dissipation, fans, etc., mainly wholesale
The United States, Canada and the United Kingdom are the main
The above is the analysis of computer industry trends and new recommendations. Existing sellers in the cross-border e-commerce industry seize the opportunity to supplement in time. At the same time, the platform welcomes new sellers who intend to settle in to join and open the door to the world together!

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