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According to statistics from Fortune Business Insight, the toy industry predicts that by 2028, the compound annual growth rate of the global toy industry is expected to exceed 7.3%, and the market size will increase to US$230.64 billion. At present, the global toy industry is recovering, and various new products and trends are growing rapidly.
According to the relevant data on user country distribution provided by the cross-border platform of, the main market of the toy industry is still the United States, accounting for 56% of the global user market.
Toys are a necessity for cultivating children's interest, improving concentration, and recognizing the world. Almost all families with children need to buy toys regularly. Especially during the global epidemic, when people have to stay at home, the necessity of toys for children has further increased.
The recommended products for the toy industry mainly fall into the following categories:
stress relief toys
New Favorite Among Toys: In the modern fast-paced era, stress relief toys have become a popular choice for adults and kids alike. Whether it's a tired office worker or a child needing to release energy, stress relief toys can give the mind and body a relaxing and anxiety-relieving effect. In 2023, the stress-relieving toy industry market will continue to innovate and introduce a variety of options, such as pinch toys, elastic toys, Rubik's cubes and massage balls. These toys are not only tactile, but also help people focus and relieve stress.
Suggestions for new releases: Scented toys are upstarts among decompression toys such as Kneading Music, Rubik's Cube, fragrances, and luminous toys.
toy gun
Toy guns have always been children's favorite combat role-playing props. From water guns to luminous toy guns, various types of toy guns will provide different gaming experiences and fun. At the same time, safety is also an important factor that toy gun manufacturers pay attention to, and they provide styles suitable for different age groups.
New suggestions: soft bullet guns, plastic toy guns of the same model as the game, water guns, and gun accessories.
plush toy
Plush toys: Plush toys have always been children's favorite companions, bringing them warmth and comfort. The growth rate of plush toy products in 21 years is very obvious, and it has continued to rise in 22 years. North America and Europe are still the main demand markets, and South America and Southeast Asia are emerging growth markets. Different styles of plush toys will satisfy children's different preferences. Some plush toys also have interactive functions, such as sound, light and touch sensing, bringing more joy and surprises to children.
New suggestions: appease cute plush toys, strange "ugly" dolls, IP, etc.
Figures & Models
Hand-made models are fine statues that imitate real people, animation characters, movie scenes, etc. In recent years, hand-made models have been favored by model collectors. Presented with exquisite craftsmanship and fine details, hand-made models can bring visual enjoyment and satisfaction to collectors. Not only that, but the hand-made models are also a must-have collection for anime fans and movie fans, allowing them to show their love for their favorite works more deeply.
New direction: IP category, Lego villain, blind box blind bag, key chain, etc.
Other Toy Bestsellers
Electronic piggy bank, summer water polo, water gun, children's camera, remote control robot, remote control car, etc.
Sellers can make supplements according to festivals, seasons, and hot spots, such as outdoor toys and water toys in summer, or celebratory toys and related hand-made peripherals to cater to events or popular IP movies and TV shows.

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