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DHgate Clothing Category Recommendation in July & Monthly Theme Events

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In the selection and recommendation of clothing categories in July this year, the "sister line" (25-35 years old) is very popular. The "sister line" mainly refers to girls aged 25 to 35 who have just graduated and entered the society. They emphasize soft, simple and modern clothing, and shape themselves into a confident female image. Here, we will recommend a series of "sister line" clothing full of elegance, confidence and temperament. By carefully selecting clothing that fits the theme, you can appeal to consumers who seek uniqueness, elegance and high-quality fashion.

The main scenes of "sister line" are distributed in daily leisure, urban commuting, vacation, party and banquet.
Among women's daily casual clothing in July, tops and shirts accounted for the highest proportion, 45%, and the main styles were neutral, elegant and simple, mainly white and colored; skirts accounted for 20%, champagne color , green and pink are more popular. Trousers, jeans and long skirts accounted for a lower proportion.

Among women's urban commuting clothing in July, shirts accounted for the highest proportion, accounting for 35%. The main styles were workplace, simple, and casual, mainly black, white and blue; Khaki and blue are more popular. Jumpsuits, jeans, dresses, and jackets are lower in the urban commuting scene. It can be seen that people prefer low-key, conservative and simple outfits when commuting and working.

Among the holiday clothing, dresses are more popular among consumers, and there seems to be a consensus that dresses should be worn when going on vacation. Summer dresses accounted for 80%, mainly in casual, romantic and elegant styles, with white, colored and floral as the first choice for color matching. Compared with commuting and daily wear, holiday clothing can better express the individual needs of consumers.

In the category of party and banquet clothing, almost all consumers will choose dresses, and the style of such dresses is more ostentatious than the dresses of the holiday category. Sexy, elegant, and romantic are the first choices of partygoers, and this type of clothing will undoubtedly make consumers the most dazzling people at the party.
A Quick Look at Theme Activities in July
"Back to School"
Time: European and American countries generally start school in September, and before the school starts, it is the back-to-school sales season from June to September.
Covered crowd: Taking the United States as an example, the back-to-school season is the second largest shopping season after Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve, covering 29 million families and 53 million students in the United States.
Goal: A one-stop shop for Off to College students, an online store for clothing, clothing, school supplies, etc.
Case: In June 2018, in order to cater to the back-to-school shopping season, Amazon launched Back to School and Off to College stores for teenage students (ages 13-17) and college students respectively at the end of June.
"Carnival Nights"
Time: unlimited
Crowds covered: Rave Night is a North American public event that involves music, drinking and dancing. Public enjoyment and entertainment, including wearing unusual clothes, dancing and eating, usually takes place on a city night: dancing, singing and partying.
Goal: Drive the joint rate of clothing categories through explosive products such as wigs, accessories, and party decorations.

"Pool Parties"
Time: summer
People covered: There are many clips on social media showing that Americans often hold pool parties on weekends in summer, usually with large events, college students, and families. The high-exposure short videos about pool parties have been viewed by tens of millions of people.
Goal: Swimsuits/bikinis are hot summer items. We use Internet celebrities to shoot short videos to build scenes and other complete sets of materials (such as swimming pool cleaners, swimming rings, etc.) to create a full set of convenient shopping for consumers.

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