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We all know that the traffic of DHgate and newegg is the blood of a store, without the support of traffic, everything else will become floating clouds. Traffic can be the guarantee of the conversion rate. How to make the store have a proud traffic has become an important part of our joint efforts. The traffic of the store mainly comes from the following parts:

一. Sources of main traffic
1. Search traffic
Search traffic means that buyers come to your store from the search results page. After the buyer searches for the product he wants, he will click to view the product he is interested in on the list page. If the buyer clicks on the product that appears in your search results and enters your store, it will bring you traffic.
2. Activity traffic
Activity traffic means that buyers enter your store from the activity page of the platform. You can know where this part of traffic comes from by looking at the gorgeous promotional activities on the homepage.
3. Store optimization flow
Store traffic refers to the traffic brought by buyers constantly visiting your store, which requires your store to have a certain degree of stickiness in order for buyers to stop here. For example, a buyer arrives at your product A page from the search page, and after reading it, continues to browse your B and C products, then the traffic of B and C products belongs to your store optimization traffic
二. How to increase store traffic
1. Get as much exposure as possible
(1) The title and product keywords have a high degree of matching with the keywords searched by buyers
(2) Do a good job of service at ordinary times, obtain high business factors, and get good results when sorting
2. Improve click-through rate
Good click rate = good picture + good title + good stickiness + competitive price
It's easy to act, clear pictures, concise words, high-ranking headlines, attractive prices.
三. Optimize the various navigations in the store
Such as product grouping, related product recommendation, directly retaining buyers and increasing access depth.
1. Exposure
Impressions are the number of times your product appears in a search result listing. Exposure is the basis of traffic. As mentioned above, our main source of traffic is search. If your product appears in the search results, there is still a possibility that buyers will click to browse. If there is no chance of exposure, then you must Impossible to be clicked to browse
2. Click through rate
After the buyer searches for the product he wants, he will inevitably choose a favorite click traffic detail. Click-through rate refers to the probability of your product being clicked after exposure.
3. Make up order
It is undeniable that no matter which e-commerce platform at home or abroad is the most effective promotion method, whether it is through trains, off-site Internet celebrities, or supplementary orders, a clear and orderly promotion plan must be formulated, and supplementary orders will still be the fastest. One, using a small amount of interest to promote greater profits.

Self-support account replenishment is to raise foreign buyer accounts by yourself to quickly improve the ranking, weight and sales of products for your store! The self-supporting account is not a machine brush, and Brother Cao has repeatedly emphasized that he still private messaged me to many sellers about this issue.
Machine brushing is a fully automated registration, browsing and ordering through automation software and scripting tools. When writing scripts, you may also set browsing actions. The scripts are set, and all the path behaviors are consistent, even if you set Many paths will eventually repeat without any differentiation. Under the platform's big data monitoring, it is easily recognized by the platform as an indiscriminate operation, which is defined as machine brushing, which leads to risk control of the store.
Replenishment of the self-supporting account is a purely manual operation, which requires a certain technical threshold. The real foreign server and high-purity foreign home IP are used. When the environment system is built, the technology is used to block the underlying parameters of the equipment. Breaking, it can completely simulate the foreign local environment, the information of the registered buyer account is also the information of the real foreign user, and the order is placed with a regular credit card! Manually register to place an order, and then follow the real shopping habits of the locals, so as to be safe and stable.
Replenishment is not a shortcut, but an important auxiliary means. Now that everyone is talking about refined operations, why not refine the order replenishment? If you want to make up orders, you should do it as finely as possible, and do things within the rules of the platform. Only fine-grained operations can be safe and long-lasting. If you have any questions about the self-supporting number evaluation and replenishment list, welcome to communicate!

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