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As an Amazon seller, I didn't know these site recommendations!

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As the largest online e-commerce company in the United States, since its establishment in 1995, Amazon has covered cross-border e-commerce platforms in 65 countries around the world, and dozens of websites are open to China. Amazon has become one of the most important platforms for cross-border sellers to choose.
Anyone who does cross-border e-commerce knows that the selection of the first site is very important. It not only determines the operation direction of the product, but also affects the overall flow and sales. So what do you know about the advantages of Amazon's eight sites?

1. US site
As the world's largest retail market, it has always been an advocate of global free trade. Amazon is a very mature online e-commerce platform in the United States, with a market share of at least 45%. The number of its Amazon Prime members has exceeded 100 million. In the United States, every household is using the Amazon platform to shop, and Amazon's FBA can basically achieve 2-day delivery.
2. Canadian site
It has a very high acceptance of overseas products. Although the land is sparsely populated and the tariffs are high, the penetration rate of the Internet is also high, and the online shopping market is growing year by year. Canada is a very suitable site for sellers to make quick profits in the early stage. This is because the common language in Canada is English, and there is no language barrier; it is close to the United States, and the needs of buyers are similar; Amazon’s official policy supports it, and the control is looser; Canada is a cold country, and sellers can target Sexually developed Canadian exclusive products.
3. Mexico site
As an Amazon North American account, it has always been ignored by Amazon sellers. Although there is a big gap between Mexico's purchasing power, logistics, and customs clearance compared with the United States, Amazon officials are building a new warehouse on the outskirts of Mexico City. Moreover, the online shopping market in Mexico is developing rapidly, and the locals are also very tolerant of logistics, willing to wait 5-8 days for delivery. In this regard, Amazon's FBA is very in line with the habits of local people.
4. European site
The second marketplace that is popular with sellers after US Station. Has a very high profit conversion rate. Countries currently opening to the outside world include the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Europe Station is a mature capitalist market economy. The living standard of residents is generally high, and the welfare policy is relatively good. For online shopping, more attention is paid to the quality of products. Because some countries are small-language countries, there is no consistent recognition of overseas brands, which provides good marketing and brand competitiveness for Chinese cross-border sellers. At the same time, because of the perfect taxation in European countries, Amazon sellers generally use FBA to deliver goods, so they need to register tax ID numbers in 5 countries to operate normally.
5. Australia site
This is a new site launched by Amazon in 2017 and has great potential for development. Australia is located in Oceania, the closest to China, and buyers have similar needs; China is Australia's largest trading partner; with English as the common language, the local per capita living standard is high, and they are willing to accept higher-priced products; the local postal service is inefficient and suitable for The development of Amazon FBA.
6. Japanese site
Amazon sellers of cross-border e-commerce are the first batch of companies in China to conduct retail trade with Japan. The online shopping market in Japan has huge profit margins, and it is easier to open a store without worrying about KYC; logistics and transportation are also more convenient, which can be said to be very suitable for Chinese sellers to operate.
7. Middle East site
The Amazon Middle East site covers 7 countries including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar. The common language is mainly English or Arabic, and Chinese sellers have no language barriers; the monthly visits of the Middle East site exceed 70 million; The local light industry is underdeveloped and relies heavily on imports; the consumer electronics category in the Middle East is the largest category, the penetration rate of smart phones in the UAE ranks first in the world, the fashion category ranks second, and the lifestyle and beauty category ranks third , the proportion of online sales of beauty products is 11%, which is higher than that of the United States (8%) and the United Kingdom (9%).
8. Brazil site
As a South American country, Brazil's economy has been developing rapidly. Although the overall economic downturn in Latin America, Brazil is still the largest retail market in Latin America. It has a huge cross-border e-commerce blue ocean market with a population of 200 million, 80% of which are covered by the Internet; the online e-commerce retail market only accounts for 5% of the total retail market.

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