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Burst! A large number of accounts are abnormally deactivated, suspected of being scanned by Amazon?

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Amazon Prime Day is scheduled for July 11th and 12th, and most sellers are already preparing for the peak season promotions.
However, it seems to have verified the sentence - "there must be a storm before the big promotion". Recently, many buyers have encountered "the goods were blocked on the way", "the new account was suspended" and "the shopping cart disappeared".
Another round of Amazon scanning? The goods were banned on the way!
Recently, there has been a storm in the seller circle, and a large number of sellers have encountered Amazon's sudden account scanning! According to the seller’s feedback, the scope of the account scanning this time is very large, not only involving new accounts and old accounts, but also EIN accounts in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. But generally speaking, most of the blocked accounts are new accounts, and a few are old accounts.
New account blocked
The new accounts blocked this time are basically new accounts registered this year, and some of them were blocked just a few days after the account was registered, and many sellers had already sent out the goods and were blocked before they started selling on the shelves. .
Old account blocked
According to the seller's feedback, the old account that was blocked was blocked within a few days of sales after the delivery plan was created and put into storage. A seller said: "One account costs 6,000, and 6 accounts are blocked at once." It can be said that the loss is very heavy.
Coping suggestions
For this sudden "number scanning", some sellers suggested:
1) Try not to register a new account in the near future;
2) If the registered new account has not been activated, it is best not to bind the receiving account;
3) If you bind a collection account, try to use a physical credit card and a physical mobile phone number for one-to-one collection.
In addition, some old sellers in the industry reminded: the "Consumer Act" has come into effect, Amazon is in the period of strict review, try not to register a new account at this time, and wait until the storm passes.
A large number of new accounts are deactivated, how to deal with it?
In response to the deactivation of the new account, many sellers do not know exactly what is going on and how to deal with it. The growth girl will sort it out and explain it in detail as follows.
It is reported that some sellers on the forum claimed that their new account created a new listing (FBA), and the account was suddenly deactivated before it was put on the shelves for sale just after delivery:
According to the prompt, Amazon requires the seller to provide "evidence of fulfillment and/or delivery of the most recently shipped seller-fulfilled order" and "addresses of other stores (including other Amazon accounts) where you sell similar products and can show proof of delivery ( URL or store address)."
The seller was very anxious, and the goods sent were put on the shelves immediately, but they didn't have any of the information Amazon required to provide, so they didn't know how to deal with it.
The question post quickly exploded into comments from other sellers, all of whom said they had encountered the same problem:
In this regard, some sellers suggest that it can be solved in the following ways:
❍ Provide information to prove that it is a new account, and there is no related order now, and explain that the new account has not delivered any orders. If you already have some account and order information (even if it is not selling similar products), you can provide this information as evidence to prove that your account is legitimate. Amazon can verify sales history and resolve false positives. During the communication with Amazon, be patient, provide clear explanations and evidence that the account is legitimate, and generally there will be no problems.
❍ Amazon’s system is likely to be convulsed again. It is obviously a new store for FBA, but it has not shipped yet but has started a self-delivery review. This is likely to be caused by Amazon’s misjudgment. If the facts are true, it is easy to appeal.
❍ This is because the self-delivery review has been disabled by Amazon. If there is no order yet, it should be a misjudgment by Amazon. It is recommended to call customer service to see how to solve it.
In addition to the "new account is deactivated" problem, some sellers have recently reported that their shopping carts suddenly disappeared!
The shopping cart suddenly disappeared, is it a misjudgment by the background or scanning the number?
It is reported that some sellers reported that "all the FBA links on sale in Italy station have gradually lost their shopping carts."
Seller says:
Our listings in Italy have been on the shelves for more than a year, and some links have been on the shelves for less than 3 months. In the last 3 days, the linked shopping cart on this site has gradually been lost. It is useless to open many cases to find customer service, and the replies are all the same template. We only send FBA, the link has stable sales, and there are no other sellers to sell, the reviews are also good, not too bad, between 4.0-4.3 points, the return rate of the product is also quite low, and the status of the account is also normal, suddenly There was no shopping cart in the backstage link the day before yesterday, and today I came back and saw that 95% of the links no longer have a shopping cart, involving hundreds of listings. We are puzzled and don't know where the problem is. Has anyone encountered a similar problem? How to return the shopping cart in this situation?
It is not just one seller who has encountered this problem, other sellers have also reported that their shopping carts are missing:
According to the feedback from the sellers, there are roughly the following reasons and solutions for reference:
❍ FBA delivery is not recognized: Solution reference, refresh with the template, and re-select Amazon delivery in the delivery method.
❍ Does not meet the quotation: Solution reference, test one or two SKUs to modify the quotation.
❍ There is a problem with the background system review: refer to the solution, continue to open a case for help, which has attracted Amazon's attention, and has a better tone, urging the customer service to speed up the processing.
❍ Reason for category: For solution reference, modify the category of listing, such as ordinary smile, it can be tool category or kitchen supplies, just replace the category.
Has your account experienced any of the above problems? Recently, the cross-border circle has experienced ups and downs, and the big promotion is just around the corner. Amazon sellers can only operate cautiously, operate in compliance, and try their best to "keep this account" at this critical scrutiny.

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