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Amazon's front desk rules have changed again! How do sellers find their way out?

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As a global e-commerce giant, Amazon has been constantly innovating and adjusting its market strategy in order to maintain its leading position in the highly competitive e-commerce field.
Recently, Amazon has introduced a series of eye-catching front-end rule changes, including new product labels, changes to the search box, and features such as displaying sales, page views, and high return rate labels.
In particular, Amazon has added three new product tags: "Overall Pick", "New Arrival Pick", and "Popular Brand Pick". Among them, the meaning of "Overall Pick" is "Amazon's choice: the overall choice, this product is highly rated, the price is reasonable, and it can be shipped immediately".
Some sellers speculate that this may be a new label that replaces or further filters the original "Amazon Choice" label. When searching for a specific category, the "Overall Pick" label will be displayed in the search results to further guide consumers' purchasing decisions.
In addition, Amazon added a button "More Like This" (more similar products) in the lower left corner of the picture when searching for keywords of some products. After clicking, a new search box will pop up, and the system will recommend other products with similar styles, and the drop-down will display a large number of recommended results.
This new feature helps buyers systematically compare prices among similar products and choose the most affordable product.
However, the emergence of new tags and search mechanisms may accelerate the monopoly of top brands on the market, reducing the market space for new products and non-top brands, which will further intensify sellers’ involution.
As a third-party seller on the platform, before doing it, you have to engage in price wars with other third-party sellers, and you have to fight against malicious hijacking. It’s hard to get out of the encirclement, and you’re being targeted by the giant Amazon. Difficult".
The trend of involution can be seen from the Amazon flywheel theory. The flywheel has three participants, Amazon (Growth), Amazon buyers and customers (Traffic), and third-party sellers (Sellers).
If you had to sort by importance, how would you sort them?
Amazon has banned accounts on a large scale in 2021. In this case, what can you convince Amazon that you continue to stay? In other words, what is your competitive advantage compared to other Amazon sellers? Are you irreplaceable? If unfortunately your store is closed by Amazon, what are you left with?

"Don't put all your eggs in the same basket." Many companies that rely on the Amazon channel to make a fortune have consciously deployed multiple channels. In this case, the independent station can be regarded as a new outlet for Amazon sellers.
According to statistics, independent websites accounted for 25% of China's cross-border e-commerce B2C market in 2020, and this proportion is expected to soar to 50% by 2025.
First of all, independent stations are not troubled by the risk of closing stores. Since the beginning of this year, the Amazon platform has continuously strengthened the review of sellers, putting many sellers at risk of being closed. In contrast, sellers with independent websites can operate in an environment under their own control, without worrying about changing rules at any time and the risk of closing their stores.
Secondly, independent stations give sellers greater freedom in pricing. On large platforms such as Amazon, it is often difficult for sellers to control the price of products due to fierce competition. On independent websites, consumers cannot directly compare prices, so sellers can set prices more freely. Through well-designed store decoration, sellers can also guide consumers to evaluate the value of products more subjectively.

Finally, an independent station helps to shape the brand and increase the brand premium. On a large platform, there are many stores that are the same, and the sense of brand presence is often weak, making it difficult to achieve brand building. On the contrary, independent website sellers can enhance brand influence through unified brand image and personalized store decoration, so as to achieve brand premium.
However, choosing an independent station also means facing a new beginning.
There is still a big difference between an independent station and a platform. Your experience in the operation of the platform, whether it is success or failure, may become an obstacle for you to learn the operation of an independent station.

Therefore, the answer to "Is an independent station a new way out? Is it easy to do an independent station?" actually requires you to give yourself an answer in actual operation.
To be an independent station, the first thing you have to do is to put aside all thinking about platform operations, and build up a systematic thinking of your independent station operation from scratch, and more importantly, establish a system for independent station traffic operation Sexual thinking, no matter which way you use to learn, you must consciously establish a set of systematic thinking, whether it is Facebook advertising or SEO, regardless of traffic operations or independent station operations.
After having a full understanding of all aspects of independent stations, turn around and compare the similarities and differences between independent station operations and platform operations, which platform operation experience can be copied to independent stations, which experiences are worth learning, and which Experiences are independent of each other.

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