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"Cleaning" before the membership day! Amazon's fake positive reviews are being targeted again!

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As prime day gets closer, sellers are facing more and more difficulties. On the one hand, it has to deal with the update of Amazon’s various policies, bear all kinds of invalid traffic brought by Amazon advertising, and on the other hand, it must guard against the risks encountered by various stores.
For a long time, with more and more sellers entering cross-border e-commerce, the competition has become more and more fierce. The "sequelae" brought about by this is that sellers have begun to engage in some illegal methods in order to make quick profits, and the most common of these is The illegal method is manipulating comments.
And Amazon has been actively fighting various methods of manipulating reviews.
01 Amazon sues four brushing companies
On July 2, according to foreign media reports, Amazon filed a lawsuit against four companies, Reddit Marketing Pro, Mango City, Littlesmm and Nice Discount, accusing them of misleading Amazon customers and harming Amazon sales partners by providing false reviews.
Amazon stated that the four order-swiping companies used their own websites, social media platforms, and emails to remove sellers and provide them with false positive reviews on Amazon in order to obtain corresponding benefits. And in addition to providing fake positive reviews to sellers, it also helps sellers leave negative reviews under competitors' product listings.
For a long time, Amazon has always paid great attention to the shopping experience of consumers, and cracking down on false positive reviews is the target of Amazon's pressure. Last year, Amazon said it had blocked more than 200 million fake reviews, and it also used machine learning models and expert investigators to proactively block fake reviews before customers saw them.
In addition to brushing companies, personal violations will also be severely punished by Amazon. According to statistics, as of May 2023, Amazon has taken legal action against 94 bad actors from the United States, China, and Europe.
What is certain is that in the future, Amazon will only have more and more methods to combat fake positive reviews. Manipulating reviews is the bottom line of Amazon. Once it is proven, Amazon will punish it severely.
And it's not just Amazon, the Canadian Federal Court is also investigating "false reviews on the Amazon platform".
02 Canadian federal court is investigating "Amazon's false positive reviews"
Canada's competition bureau suspects that Facebook users are being paid to give fake positive reviews to sellers on Amazon,media reported. In addition, some companies will also recruit trolls on Facebook to provide false reviews for themselves and induce consumers to place orders. These methods have violated the "Competition Law"!
In this regard, the lawyer representing the Federal Competition Bureau stated in court testimony:
"Based on my review of records and information gathered during the investigation, I believe certain product reviews and star ratings on Amazon's platform are false.
The implication of the representative lawyer's words seems to be that he has obtained certain evidence. As early as 2021, there were federal investigators posing as providers of fake positive reviews on Facebook.
To that end, the bureau asked Facebook to disclose the details of 641 Canadian users with usernames including "Tiny Tom," "Sexy Booty Shaker" and "Pretty Pretty."
In response, Facebook's team said it narrowed the number of accounts requested to investigate from 3,000 to 800 because the scope of the investigation was too broad.
While Amazon has not been charged with any crime so far, there will certainly be some repercussions for Amazon sellers.
Sellers are risking their accounts being blocked, but they also want to make some fake reviews. Why is this? Is it because I want to take a risk and quickly increase the sales of the product, the market competition is getting more and more fierce, I feel that if there are more reviews, the sales will also increase!
But rapid growth in sales is not how it grows!
1. Refined product selection, differentiated product selection
A series of policies on the Amazon platform recently are to allow sellers to return to the product itself. The most important thing for a seller is to choose the right product, choose the right product, spend energy on the product and the supply chain, and build your own barriers!
2. Multi-channel layout
Although Amazon is still the e-commerce platform with the largest market share, remember: eggs cannot be put in one basket. The risk is too high, multi-channel layout, reduce uncontrollable risks brought by a single market and a single channel, one more channel, one more guarantee, less risk! .
3. Focus on products and supply chain
In the future, cross-border e-commerce will compete for brand and traffic. Products need innovation and differentiation, and services need differentiation. Develop and select more products, don't just stare at one or two products in hand, develop more competitive products, so that you have a way out.
Although this year's Prime Day is full of difficulties, as sellers, no matter which platform we are on, our ultimate goal is to make money, but this should not be too anxious, as long as you really spend your energy on the product, one day The market will reward you!

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