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eBay seller assessment upgrade policy

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Nuggets in the global e-commerce market, a battle around services has begun. Whoever can better meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers may be the last winner in the increasingly competitive e-commerce arena.
Nowadays, all major e-commerce platforms are trying to launch various high-quality services to attract consumers, and eBay is naturally not far behind.
A few days ago, eBay officially issued a notice saying: "In order to improve the buyer experience, eBay has upgraded the buyer satisfaction assessment for sellers."
Specifically, eBay will evaluate various aspects including product quality, benchmarking industry benchmarks, benchmarking publication levels, account numbers, etc.

If during the evaluation, some sellers are found to have problems, such as poor product quality, too many negative reviews, buyers complaining that the items received do not match the description, etc., the seller’s sales may be restricted because of this, or the account may be was frozen.
For sellers, the upgrade assessment means that the difficulty of selling goods has further increased. But to go out to sea to find gold, the market has market rules, and the platform has platform requirements. Only when sellers actively abide by the rules can the road to gold digging go further and more stably.
Besides, the cross-border e-commerce industry has bid farewell to the stage of barbaric growth and is gradually moving towards a stage of high-quality development. Along with this trend, striving to optimize services so that consumers can enjoy a better shopping experience is also the direction that e-commerce platforms and e-commerce sellers need to work together.
After all, as the scale of the global e-commerce market continues to grow, more and more powerful e-commerce giants are scrambling to squeeze into the cross-border track, and there is constant smoke in the e-commerce arena. In this context, efforts to retain more consumers have become the key to the success of e-commerce platforms.
Amazon, which currently occupies a dominant position in many e-commerce markets around the world, has paid unprecedented attention to user experience. In June, news broke that Amazon was testing a new page layout on its mobile app aimed at removing barriers users might face when shopping online.
In addition to Amazon, some e-commerce platforms that are rapidly rising in potential markets with extremely high growth rates are also actively improving the shopping experience of platform users. It’s like Joom, which is laying out the Russian e-commerce market;
Not long ago, the seller-side strategic adjustment for 2023 was released, saying that it will further deepen cooperation with high-quality sellers, and at the same time strengthen seller assessment from the aspects of product sales, product negative review rate, return rate, etc., and accelerate the promotion of the survival of the fittest on the platform, thereby improving its own competitiveness .
Coincidentally, other platforms such as Wildberries and Ozon that have deployed this market are also making continuous efforts in this direction.
It is not difficult to see that in order to better explore the e-commerce market and optimize the shopping experience of consumers, it is the general trend. It is not surprising that eBay, one of the world's oldest cross-border e-commerce giants, will choose to upgrade seller assessment and strive to improve buyer satisfaction.
On the one hand, it is actively conforming to the trend and wants to use this to do a good job in user growth and retention; on the other hand, seeing the rapid rise of new cross-border e-commerce companies such as SHEIN, TikTok Shop, and Temu in recent years, eBay’s situation is actually not optimistic. This also forces eBay to actively make changes.
Brighter signals have been released. Not long ago, eBay CEO Jamie Iannone talked about the company's future development plans, saying: "It is important to bet on new technologies such as artificial intelligence and live shopping to achieve seller and user growth. In addition, eBay will continue to focus on its focus. category market."
Obviously, the times are constantly evolving and the market environment will continue to change. If you can’t keep up with the times and are unwilling to make changes to meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers, then even the most powerful e-commerce platforms or e-commerce sellers will face being eliminated if they are not careful. Risk of being out.

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