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eBay announced a strategic partnership with CCG

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At the 20th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (ChinaJoy for short) on July 28, 2023, eBay, the global e-commerce leader, announced that it has partnered with Certified Collectibles Group (hereinafter referred to as CCG), a world-renowned collectibles identification and certification service organization. ) signed a memorandum of cooperation and reached a strategic partnership. This strategic cooperation aims to rely on the superior resources of both parties to carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of certification for collectible cards, coins, collectible toys (hand-made), and comic collections, to enhance the international market recognition of Chinese collections, and to provide high-quality services Help domestic Tibetan friends turn their hobbies into careers, explore opportunities in the global market for collectibles, and help Chinese collectibles and cultural and creative industries go overseas.

In recent years, the global collectibles and cultural creation market has continued to prosper, especially in the past three years, a large number of collectibles have shifted from traditional offline channels to online transactions. As one of the global e-commerce leaders, eBay is connected to 190 countries and regions around the world. The collections sold on the platform are complete, covering traditional collections, collection cards, trendy figures and commemorative cards. It brings together a large number of buyers and sellers from all over the world, providing a wealth of choices for collectors around the world.

CCG is an internationally authoritative third-party collectibles appraisal and certification service organization. Since its establishment in 1987, it has certified more than 78 million collectibles, including collection cards, comic books, coins, stamps, and collectible toys.
According to the memorandum of cooperation, CCG will be committed to providing high-quality personalized certification services for eBay sellers, speeding up the timeliness of submission of reviews, reducing the cost of submission of inspections, and providing exclusive labels for certified collections to promote efficient, fast and safe transactions between buyers and sellers . eBay will be committed to providing exclusive promotions and return and exchange guarantees for CCG-certified collectibles, and open up the entire link of Chinese sellers' collections from submission to listing, trading and after-sales.
The two parties will also work together to build the ecological environment of China's collectibles market, continue to share insights into the trend of multi-category collectibles going overseas, hold offline enthusiast exchange activities, and jointly promote the development and innovation of China's collectibles industry, adding more value to the global collectibles trading market. New vitality.


Regarding this cooperation, Pang Tao, general manager of sales and category management of eBay International Cross-border Trade Division, said: "Collectibles have always been the dominant category of eBay platform, with strong growth. eBay is also an important platform for Chinese collectors to participate in global transactions. Through cooperation with With CCG's cooperation, we hope to enhance global buyers' recognition of Chinese collections, enhance buyers' confidence, and make eBay the preferred trading platform for Chinese collectors. We are willing to gather more Chinese collectors and expand more high-value Collectibles will accelerate the business growth of sellers and help China’s collectibles and cultural and creative industries go overseas.”
Mateo Zhao, vice president of business development at CCG Asia, said: "We have observed that global collectibles transactions are rapidly shifting from traditional offline channels to online, and online channels are becoming more and more popular, which is inseparable from the continuous promotion of certification services. We attach great importance to the cooperation with eBay, and believe that through professional certification and rating services, buyers will be given greater confidence and protection, and help China's thriving collectibles market gain broader opportunities."


eBay is one of the world's leading collectibles marketplaces, with 28 years of collectibles expertise and leadership, connecting hundreds of millions of buyers and sellers around the world. Mass publications bring a unique trading experience for collectibles lovers. A variety of collectibles, including collectible cards, collectible toys, artwork, sports memorabilia and coins, have always been popular categories on the eBay platform.

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