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10 Best BDSM Toys of 2023 That Are Beginner-Friendly

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Looking to test out the waters of Lite Kink™ for the first time? While BDSM and all the accessories (sexcessories, if you will) that go along with it can seem a lil intimidating to newbies, you'll be glad to know there are plenty of non-intimidating BDSM toys made specifically for beginners that can help you get started. If you're new to Bondage/Discipline.

Dominance/submission, and Sadism/Masochism, then we've got all the best tools for understanding which sensations and forms of play you’d like to explore more. Best of all, these beginner BDSM toys allow for enough creativity and versatility to carry you through to the waters of deep kink later on if you'd like.

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As with any new hobby, affordability is a concern, which is why most of the items on here are relatively inexpensive, 'cause you don’t want to invest a ton into something that you might not be into. Likewise, we've got a range of toys and accessories for exploring different components of BDSM, such as wax play, edge play, and impact play. From nipple clamps and clit clamps to spanking paddles and spreader bars, we've got it all, bb. Just remember: BDSM is all about communication and consent, so before you decide to invest in this light bondage gear, make sure you have a convo with your partner about what you're open to exploring together.

The best entry-level toy for any beginner looking to get into BDSM, handcuffs are a fun, easy way to dip your toes into the pool of kink without having to *fully* dive in. These leather cuffs have a soft, fuzzy lining on the inside, so your skin won’t twist and get irritated as you writhe in pleasure, etc. And the belt buckle closure means no handcuff keys to worry about losing!
THE REVIEWS: "I have a few sets of these and they are attractive, strong, and comfortable," writes one tester. "I needed to punch holes for someone with smaller wrists, but that is a minor thing, and they work just fine with most people. The D rings allow for a myriad of usage scenarios, and they are THE staple of my kit."


If you’ve ever wanted to try a sex swing but aren’t stoked at the idea of broaching that conversation with a contractor, then consider this over-the-door bondage sex swing! For a little over $30, you can get a removable (read: hideable) contraption that lets you have the best non-bed sex of your life.
THE REVIEWS: "Oh my goodness!!!! This was so much fun!!!!" raves one customer. "Easy to use, [and] love that it's adjustable! Was a little nervous it wouldn't hold me due to my weight but worked out just fine! Love that you can do multiple different positions!"

Door Sex Swing with Seat

Subtracting sight can heighten other senses, and slipping on this mask is the ideal way to do it. Not only does this contoured, padded option block light completely—it also couldn't be more comfortable (or luxe!!).
THE REVIEWS: "This mask is one of the most comfortable things I've ever worn," raves one buyer. "It has padding to make it soft, [and] it covers part of your nose to make sure you can't see anything at all. It works well, even for those gals that are wearing makeup. I would highly recommend this product."

Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Fantasy Love Mask

A great spreader bar option for beginners, this nylon-covered metal bar measures 20 inches and features foam-lined ankle cuffs for supreeeeme comfort. Though wrist cuffs aren't included, this bar does have a central O-ring so you can attach your own wrist cuffs, collar, or other restraint.
THE REVIEWS: According to one reviewer, "Me and my partner absolutely love this. We found the straps strong, and they didn't come undone when moving around. I loved that there is a ring attached so that I could feed a rope through, which helps with tying to different areas to control movement."

20-Inch Spreader Bar

For those who like their salty things with a hint of sweetness, these soft, adjustable nipple clamps are for you. You have all the functionality of an adjustable nipple clamp with the added ticklish flair of feathers.
THE REVIEWS: "I love these," one review reads. "I'm so glad I got ones that are adjustable, as you can make them as tight or as loose as you're comfortable with. Also they look really sexy."

Sex & Mischief Feathered Nipple Clamps

This wallet-friendly patent-leather paddle also has teasing, silky silicone tassels on the other end, so you can get the best bang for your buck when it comes to sensation play.
THE REVIEWS: "This is so much fun!" one customer notes. "I love the material on the fringe end—it feels great! It’s just the right amount of sting. The paddle end is super fun, too, [and] just the right size. And lastly, aesthetically, the pink is très adorable. My partner and I love it!"

Tsk Paddle

Whether you’re the dominant or submissive one, you’ll want your ball gag user to be comfortable enough to breathe. The holes in this special ball gag training system let you breathe and cut down on the likelihood of drool—plus, it comes with three different-sized ball gags so you can work your way up.
THE REVIEWS: According to one reviewer, "I wrestle with a tight jaw. These were great for learning to loosen my jaw. Over time I could go up in size. Great way to get three sizes for the price of one. And very easy to switch out the balls."

Fetish Fantasy Ball Gag Training System

Made with vegan leather, this crimson loop paddle is an ideal choice for BDSM newbs, especially since the wrist loop on the handle adds security during use. You can use this bad boy for all your cracking, slapping, or tapping needs (and even hang it up from the wrist loop once you're done!).
THE REVIEWS: "I absolutely love the quality of the product—the red color is quite sexy," one tester notes. "The length of this paddle is also exactly what I was looking for in comparison to the much smaller paddles elsewhere. Great fit in the hand [and] very comfortable. I think this is great for beginners and lovers of impact play."

Saffron Loop Paddle

Using rope during sex is a form of dominance, and the options with rope play are pretty much endless. This super-soft bondage rope allows you to (safely!) bind up your partner's limbs, and since it's made with bamboo silk, it's perfect for people who are sensitive or allergic to jute and hemp.
THE REVIEWS: One person writes, "I'm stoked to have this be my first bondage rope. The colors are stunning and so expressive. The material is soft, yet super strong, and it's a great length so you have endless possibilities!"

Unicorn Rainbow Bondage Rope

If you're looking to deliver a lil less tickle and a lil more zing, then check out this affordable leather flogger, which comes with a loop handle to help ya avoid any accidents. Unlike a whip, which usually have a single braided tail, floggers tend to have multiple flat tails, so a blow from this bad boy delivers more of a thud than a sting.
THE REVIEWS: According to one reviewer, "I am new to the world of bondage, so I thought I would try something a little new to spice things up in the bedroom. This is great for a beginner, not being too large or too intimidating. The handle is easy to grip, and the soft leather fronds are great for soft tickling or a harder slap!"

Deluxe Leather Flogger

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