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Not A Fan Of The Itsy Bitsy Bikini? Try These 14 Styles Instead

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We’ve all been there. After hours scrolling online, you’ve finally happened upon your dream bikini. You wait patiently for three to five business days before you hear the sound of the DHL van pulling up outside and then, with bated breath, you rip open the package to reveal its contents. But then your heart sinks. The bottoms, which online looked like the perfect peachy silhouette, are, to use the technical term, itsy bitsy, teeny weeny.
Perhaps this is not something that concerns you – and all power to you if you want to rock a high-rise brief. But for many, the idea of baring one’s behind on the beach is not an enticing one. It doesn’t help that skimpy bikini bottoms are one of the prevailing beachwear trends of summer 2023 – thank you, Love Island – so searching for a new bikini with ample coverage can be harder than it should be.

But rest assured there are plenty of alternatives out there. As always, there is a good selection of 1950s-inspired high-waisted styles around, which are a safe bet in the bikini bottom department. Another top tip is to study the product image online. If the back of the bikini bottom is not visible behind the front section then, chances are, it will have a skimpier silhouette.
From Rose Carmine’s feel-good crochet to Arket’s colour-pop pairing, below, we’ve rounded-up 14 stylish buys that will cater to all your (relatively) covered-up swimwear needs.

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