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Can You Vape In Theme Parks?Each park has its own rules, let's take a closer look.

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Theme parks are visited as popular tourist destinations and days out for millions of people each year. But what can you do if you’re a vaper? Can you vape at theme parks? Let’s find out! We’ll also cover some handy hints for taking your vape with you.

Vaping in theme parks
Whether or not you can actually vape inside a theme park solely depends on which one you visit. Each country has its own vaping regulations and laws, as well as each company having its personal rules for each park. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular locations across the globe.


The UK widely embraces vaping. With governing bodies actively trying to convert smokers onto an e-cig. There are no laws that prevent people from vaping.
Despite this, in public places anyway, vapes are treated the same as cigarettes.


Vaping attitudes in the USA are quite mixed and different states have their own regulations and laws.
In general, vaping is treated as smoking and isn’t illegal anywhere in the US. As long as you’re outside, you should be fine using an e-cig.

Disney Parks – In Florida, the four main parks all have designated smoking areas which are located outside the main entrances. The parks in California, however, don’t allow vaping in them at all.
Universal Studios – Both Universal Studios and Island of Adventure in Florida have designated smoking areas located outside of the main entrances of the parks. The Hollywood park has a no smoking policy and no area is provided.
Six Flags – Unlike Universal and Disney, Six Flags parks have designated smoking areas inside the parks where you can vape.


While not quite as forward thinking as the UK, Europe is still very accepting of vaping.
You can vape pretty much anywhere that it is permitted. There are vaping stores all over too, so you can grab any extras if you’re caught short.
Disneyland Paris – You can’t smoke anywhere in Disneyland Paris, but there are smoking areas within the park where you are able to vape.
PortAventura Spain – In PortAventura there is designated smoking areas within the park. So while you can’t vape in the queues, there are still a few places you can.
Efteling Netherlands – Just like in the other 2 parks here, vaping is restricted to specific smoking locations throughout the park.


Asia has some conflicting opinions about vaping. Some countries have, more recently, become more accepting of vaping. While some remain steadfast against it, even to the extent that it’s illegal.
It’s a good idea to research if vaping is allowed in the country that you’re visiting.
Disney Hong Kong & Tokyo – In Disney Hong Kong vaping isn’t permitted at all inside of the park. The Tokyo park, however, has designated smoking areas.
Universal Studios Japan & Singapore – Universal studios in Japan has the usual smoking areas located throughout the park where you can vape. While Singapore has smoking areas, vaping is illegal in the country. In fact, you can’t even carry a vape here so leave your kit and liquid at home.
Super Nintendo World – While Super Nintendo World is a part of Universal, there aren’t any smoking areas within it. So you’ll have to vape before you go into this part of the park or leave if you feel the need to use your e-cig.
What to take with you.
Whether you’re off on holiday or visiting your local park, it’s a good idea to stock up and take along everything that you’ll need to last your day.

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